3P Technologies chooses veeting collaboration services dedicated to the corporate & enterprise market

3P Technologies chooses Veeting meeting & collaboration services, becoming a “Veeting Expert Partner” for the Italian market The Veeting platform integrates collaboration functions, screen and document sharing with the possibility of real-time interaction, text chats, video conferences, live presentations and annotation, and recording and final transcription of meeting minutes sent automatically to all participants at […]

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Safety and wellbeing
Safety and wellbeing: a new way of working

In this period, we are all busy defining and adopting measures for prevention and managing the safety of our associates and guests within our workspaces. The COVID-19 emergency, however, does not only require prevention measures to manage safety (such as thermoscanners), a primary need today, but also requires an important reflection on how to rethink […]

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meeting room
Meeting room: knowing how to look beyond technology

Article by Christian Pieretto – CEO 3P Technologies In the recent period, we have been hearing a great deal about Smart Working, often confused with the notion of Home Office, and about what technologies or platforms are most suited to allow for smart and/or remote working. The past few weeks have been intense for many […]

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The workplace becomes smart

The rapid development of new technologies is changing our way of interacting with the environments in which we live. At home and in the office, we are getting used to a dialogue with the new smart tools that transform our way of interacting with the environment around us. The environment evolves, becoming not only a […]

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Digitalization and work environments: how to create a smart office

Digitalization and work environments: how to create a smart office Work environments undergo processes of transformation, as does the way people experience them. And while new technologies are one of the principal causes of this transformation, they also represent an important part of the solution. The concept of the “Smart Office” consists of the integration […]

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