Artificial Intelligence and 5G – SAMBA makes every building Smart!

Sector: Home & Hospitality
Smart Building

Everyone would like to live in a Smart Building, and when we think of this type of construction, we associate it with the Smart City of the future. Now, though, an innovative project makes it possible to make any type of existing multitenant building smart and sustainable, thanks to sensors, AI, and 5G technology.

This technological solution is particularly appropriate for Italy and Lombardy, characterized by the relationship between history and tradition, on the one hand, and innovation and digital, on the other.

The SAMBA project, sponsored by 3P Technologies, Kalpa, ATS, Eucentre, Harpaceas, and Agevoluzione, is one of the 33 excellence projects selected by the “Call Hub Research and Innovation” tender launched by the Lombardy Region, financed in part with ERDF ROP 2014-2020 funds.

In particular, SAMBA intends to create a system able to generate self-learning on the use of existing buildings, and model behavior through Artificial Intelligence.

The building then becomes an ecosystem of connected devices and systems, through non-invasive technologies: an economical, low-impact, high-performance solution such that the building will be able to activate its own utilities (light, heating, cooling, security, access) in a predictive manner and guarantee comfort for both residential and work purposes.