Digitalization and work environments: how to create a smart office

Sector: Corporate & Office

Digitalization and work environments: how to create a smart office

Work environments undergo processes of transformation, as does the way people experience them. And while new technologies are one of the principal causes of this transformation, they also represent an important part of the solution.

The concept of the “Smart Office” consists of the integration of new technologies with the design and layout of workspaces. Electronic control of access, illumination, but also sensors able to adjust temperature, acoustics and lighting of the work environments. The modern office makes ample use of technology to maximize the wellbeing of employees, and stimulate collaboration between them.

This means triggering a process that centers on people, adapting spaces as a function of employees’ habits and needs. They must be able to collaborate, share, be more productive, and at the same time experience work as an integral part of their lives.

In essence, it is through in-depth study of workspaces that we create offices geared towards the wellbeing of their users. The use of new technologies is an growing factor, and precisely for this reason it is necessary to increasingly exploit the synergies among actors with different abilities. At 3P Technologies we assist our Partners from the initial phase of studying the projects, in order to guarantee respect for the activities and comfort of all employees with regard to new models of work.

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