3P Technologies chooses veeting collaboration services dedicated to the corporate & enterprise market

Sector: Corporate & Office

The Veeting platform integrates collaboration functions, screen and document sharing with the possibility of real-time interaction, text chats, video conferences, live presentations and annotation, and recording and final transcription of meeting minutes sent automatically to all participants at the end of the meeting. All aimed at guaranteeing the maximum interaction and participation of guests, whether on-site, or online from remote locations.

Characteristics and simplicity of use

The platform, that is totally Web Based, does not require obtaining any individual license or installing applications on single devices.

To use all of the services, you simply access dedicated, personalized Virtual Rooms via web.

To use a Virtual Room, it is sufficient to reserve it for the time necessary by entering the access credentials, exactly as happens for “physical” meeting rooms. The possibility of reserving a space, inviting colleagues (including remotely), interacting and modifying documents in real-time, recording the session and receiving reports at the end of the event, makes Veeting meetings entirely similar to actual in-person meetings.

Customization and branding

Thanks to the possibility of full personalization of the template, with a company’s logo, images and colors, the Virtual Room becomes a business environment, defined and organized to fully satisfy the company’s internal organization.

Veeting Collaboration solutions, if integrated with the correct audio-video technologies in the meeting room, allow for considerably improving the experience both of those who organize the event, and of external participants.

Security and GDPR compliance

Every document and element of data and information that is accessible via Web is kept by Veeting, that certifies its filing and storage exclusively in the territory of Switzerland. Thus the platform meets security requirements and complies with the GDPR.

Make your meetings more effective and collaborative

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