TIM and 3P Technologies: from the design to the construction of generali tower

Sector: Client Testimonial

TIM, as the General Contractor for the Generali Tower project, chose 3P Technologies for the design of the audio video solutions, working from the start on defining the most adequate technologies to respond to the needs of advanced innovation and follow the Generali Group’s principles of office wellbeing.

In this interview, Francesco Perotti, Project Manager Professional | TIM, defines the phases of this process of collaboration as “a significant, exciting and highly formative experience, that in addition to great effort and specific skills, required the ability to involve partners able to make the difference, like 3P”.

TIM is the largest ICT company in Italy. Thanks to its latest generation infrastructure – 5G, LTE, fiber optics – it is building the future to offer approximately 100 million clients in Italy and Brazil innovative and convergent services, cloud platforms, and advanced ICT solutions. The Group includes: Sparkle, one of the top 10 international service providers, that has one of the largest and most advanced networks in the world; and Olivetti, with digital skills in key sectors such as Internet of Things and a range of cutting-edge hardware and software products.