H-FARM chooses the Phygital solutions of 3P Technologies for the opening event of the H-FARM Campus

Sector: Event & Trade Show

H-FARM inaugurates its Campus with an intense day of discussions in live streaming from the different Campus areas: in this way institutions, students and entrepreneurs shorten distances in a great Phygital event, run while fully respecting anticovid19 measures

Once the H-FARM Campus in Roncade (TV) is open, it will be the biggest European innovation hub destined to training and education. Within this space, students, companies and professionals will be able to meet and express their talents, whilst developing a new innovation economy.

For the occasion of the opening event, H-FARM has chosen 3P Technologies as technological partner, with the aim of running a Covid free event by selecting technological solutions that render it Phygital.

In order to achieve this goal, the 3P team connected the various campus areas, some indoor and others outdoor, with the live streaming of all presentations and contents. This has made it possible to run an event with a high attendance whilst respecting the social distancing norms currently standing. Consequently, all guests and participants will be able to enjoy thy day in complete safety and peace of mind.

In order to achieve all the above, 3P has designed and installed purposely for the event video solutions made up of high brightness video laser projectors, outdoor led walls as well as indoor and outdoor sound diffusion systems. Further, it has taken care of all shootings, using radio links in order to stream the whole event.

Thanks to their specific technical competence and design skills, the 3P event team was able to support H-FARM right from the initial briefing, and succeeded in managing an event that shortened distances among people by using state of the art technology designed to give guest experience a central role during the event.