The workplace becomes smart

Sector: Corporate & Office

The rapid development of new technologies is changing our way of interacting with the environments in which we live. At home and in the office, we are getting used to a dialogue with the new smart tools that transform our way of interacting with the environment around us. The environment evolves, becoming not only a space linked to the “square meter”, but is redesigned to become flexible and meet diverse needs, becoming functional based on the habits and needs of those who live in it. 

From meeting rooms to reception areas, the new models of work organization revolutionize working environments thanks to the adoption of advanced technological solutions, able to adapt the work tools used as a function of their specific needs. The value of companies is given by the speed with which people can interact and communicate, exchanging information, so it is important to be able to efficiently integrate, manage, and control the various systems that make up the work environment.

Control systems are a fundamental element allowing to rationalize the work environment thanks to the optimization of the management of devices and the use of the space. They allow in particular for management of meeting rooms, integrating the various systems present: from reservation systems that manage the attendance of participants to allow for reutilization of the rooms in the case of cancellation of a meeting, to turning lights on and off automatically, and also the integration with videoconference systems and the management of camera takes during the meetings. The control systems can be personalized depending on the needs of each organization.