Safety and wellbeing: a new way of working

Sector: Corporate & Office
Safety and wellbeing

In this period, we are all busy defining and adopting measures for prevention and managing the safety of our associates and guests within our workspaces.

The COVID-19 emergency, however, does not only require prevention measures to manage safety (such as thermoscanners), a primary need today, but also requires an important reflection on how to rethink the organization of workspaces, the flows of people, and the management of stress in the work environment. People will no longer be able to share the office the same way they did in the past, the coffee break can’t be the same, the moments of gathering and socialization will change, and all of this, as many studies show, will have effects on the people’s wellbeing, their psychophysical state, with inevitable repercussions on people’s productivity and concentration as well.

It will be a period of great inconvenience. So, how can we transform difficulties into value for our associates?

3P Technologies, with an aim towards supporting businesses in dealing with the resumption of work, has studied and designed innovative solutions to guarantee the wellbeing of people and propose new concepts for using spaces.

The solutions proposed seek to offset the inconveniences caused by social distancing and improve the experience and collaboration of people in a fully safe environment.

Many solutions can be implemented, that can profoundly change the perception of the workplace:

SECURITY: thermoscanners to measure temperature, facial recognition, technologies for the management of gatherings and access control, all while ensuring the maximum respect for privacy;

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: management of information in gathering points in a precise, timely, and dynamic manner;

DECOMPRESSION AREAS: created through technologies and immersive content to reduce stress and relax;

SOUNDSCAPING: through images and sounds inspired by the principles of biophilia, water and nature, we transform environments into workspaces in which associates can concentrate and collaborate more easily, simulating work while immersed in nature;

UNIFIED COMMUNICATION: integrated audio and videoconference solutions to increase interaction between people and productivity in every environment, both inside the workplace and outside through smart working or home working.

The 3P Technologies team is available to help you study and design your NEW WAY OF WORKING!