Client: Whirlpool Corporation
Location: Perseo Expo District - Milan

Whirlpool chooses 3p Technologies to transform its EMEA headquarters into an environment with interconnected solutions integrated with the devices of the Google platform

Whirlpool has chosen the Perseo Expo District of Milan as the location for its new EMEA HQ, designed to offer a modern, collaborative working environment to other 600 associates from 28 countries.

Working in close contact with the client, 3P Technologies succeeded in satisfying the needs for collaborative working, sustainability, and technological innovation of a Google Company, designing a technical solution able to integrate specific solutions for Google devices adopted by the Group.


Over 100 rooms, between Conference, Huddle, and Executive Rooms, are equipped with the most advanced conferencing systems such as Google Meet, Unified Communication, and Content Sharing through Google Chromebox, all designed to be used by all in a simple and intuitive manner, through the MAYA management and control system, with every single function studied and personalized by 3P Technologies, starting with the single icons of the graphic interface developed specifically for Whirlpool.

The design of systems in these environments was developed with the aim of transforming the use of the rooms into a truly positive experience, both in terms of usability, eliminating the need for technical personnel or special skills, and facilitating the use of technology as an added value to the operations process.


Wayfinding and room booking: the solutions for meeting room management

The pride of the system is represented by the Way Finding and Room Booking solution. All of the rooms are in fact controlled by a room booking system, developed and customized to allow the Google Calendar platform to interface with the BMS (building management system). The skills possessed by 3P Technologies made it possible to develop software connectors to create a dialogue between the room booking platform and the BMS through the reading of sensors detecting the presence of people in each single meeting room. A customized LED bar, inserted into the upright of the glass wall, indicates the status of the room (free, occupied) based on the presence of people detected by the internal sensor.

All of this is made possible through the MAYA control and supervision platform, that integrates the room’s audio and visual devices, with the BUS KNX of the presence management system.

Furthermore, all of the information on room occupation is provided to the user through the Wayfinding system which sends it to the displays positioned near the elevator entrances, so as to immediately have an overview of the occupation of the rooms on the relevant floor.


Boardroom: sophisticated technological solutions to respect group quality and safety standards

The Boardroom deserves a separate mention, as it required respect for the requirements and standards imposed by the Group globally. On this aspect, the Design & Engineering team of 3P Technologies worked in close contact with the Group’s American consultants in order to adjust and adapt the technical solutions required by the architectural design of the room. Equipped with the most modern conferencing technologies, the Boardroom was designed to host a large projector screen, managed by multiple projectors in Edge Blending configuration, thanks to which it is possible to view different types of content simultaneously.

Through the use of MAYA, it is also possible to keep under control the management of all of the audio and video devices in the field, the scheduling of activities, the state of maintenance of devices, and preventively, real-time reporting on system anomalies.

The Whirlpool project was named one of five finalist projects in the “Corporate Facility” sector of the InAVation Awards, an event held every year on the occasion of the ISE, the largest fair in the world dedicated to professional audio-video and systems integration.

The Whirlpool project represents an example of how it is possible to improve the productivity and collaboration of employees, through the adoption of integrated solutions specifically designed to reduce distances and improve daily work from the standpoint of workplace wellbeing for employees.

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