Client: Fiera Bolzano
Location: Bozen

Digital signage: an integrated system for the bolzano trade fair to connect technology and people

In the context of a renovation project, the Bolzano trade fair decided to shift directions by choosing digital signage solutions and dynamic communication.

3P Technologies was chosen for the design and installation of the technological solutions to be used for the restyling of the Galleries and Entrance Hall.
The old frames, previously used as advertising panels, were replaced with new digital spaces with large format displays.

digital signage

A smart system to manage digital signage

The 3P Technologies team managed the entire project, identifying a new and particularly flexible technological solution, represented by a system that allows the user to independently manage all of the advertising messages and service announcements.
Simplicity of use, scheduling, and configuration. These are the parameters that the Marketing Division of the Bolzano Fair, together with the 3P Technologies specialists, considered to be the most important requirements.

The galleries are lined with state-of-the-art modern displays and an outdoor ledwall with a strong visual impact. They have two functions: Digital Signage on the occasion of fair events, and Entertainment with the possibility of managing Live contributions for events hosted in the “events square”.

The heart of the project is the management and control platform: LG SuperSign, installed for the first time in Italy. This allows for the complete management of the monitors linked to the Galleries and the outdoor ledwall, providing support for Content Management.

Design and personalized technological solutions

The engineering office of 3P Technologies designed the entire system of ceiling clamps to support the technological component. This is a custom solution that meets the client’s design needs. The displays were installed in pairs, to optimize the space and allow visibility for both of the public flows. They are also fully controllable via web, without the need for an additional outside player.

The entire system is governed by MAYA, the management and control platform created by 3P Technologies. Thanks to MAYA, it is possible to schedule activities such as turning the system on and off, the playout of contributions, the planning of fairs, and dynamic messaging. An alert system was created that is able to report any problem in real time (for example the absence of the network or video signal). Once the alert is sent, an e-mail is generated and sent to the maintenance service.

MAYA is a control platform that can be managed locally or remotely (web or mobile). It is able to provide the user or the Administrator with an overview of the system in real time, wherever he is located.

The solutions designed ad hoc for the Bolzano Trade Fair aim to integrate technologies and architectural environments in a modern, functional union. A union able to create greater engagement of the public and generate a better user experience.

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