Client: RCS Live
Location: Festival dello Sport - Trento

Sports festival creates an engaging marathon consisting of live events, transmitted directly through streaming

The Sports Festival, four days of interviews, debates, round tables and workshops in the halls and theaters of the city of Trent, in which the city was transformed into a single, large playground open to everyone, to discover all the ways of experiencing sports.

festival dello sport

On the occasion of these four intense days, 3P Technologies, thanks to the collaboration with RCS live, set up the best audiovisual and lighting technological solutions in the principal locations of the city, including the Teatro Sociale and the Teatro Auditorium Santa Chiara.

Four days of events: audio, video, lights and live television

Large screens, 4K video projections with 25,000 ansilumen projectors, state-of-the-art graphics production, live television connections and cutting-edge audio and light systems; these are the technologies deployed to produce a festival of this importance.

All paired with professional direction, that contributed to making the events enjoyable and exciting. The attention to the lighting design made it possible to create the most suitable atmospheres and the most engaging settings, in order to satisfy the client’s needs.

Thanks to the technical know-how and design skills, the 3P Technologies event team guaranteed every aspect of multimedia support, coordinating the management based on the type of location and number of participants, creating an integrated, engaging, and interactive event experience for guests and participants.

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