Client: Nissan
Location: Nissan Village - Milan

Immersive engagement, spectacular installations and live shows present nissan innovation during the uefa champions league final

Nissan, the official sponsor of UEFA Champions League, is organized a unique event in the Village area of the San Siro stadium in Milan for the Champions League final.

Immersive engagement

Nissan’s main goal was to entertain the visitors to Nissan Village in a new technological dimension, creating a successful synergy between entertainment, food & beverage, live shows, and spectacular video mapping and gaming.

High-impact video solutions to create an amazing experience

In this context, the event sector team of 3P Technologies assisted the English production company TRO, designing and developing a spectacular solution; the stage design effect was based on high-impact video solutions, in which Ledwalls, StripeLeds, LedFloors, Car Mapping and video projections are skillfully merged, creating an experience able to amaze, engage, and excite the guests.

The background consists of a Ledscreen over 9 meters wide that guides the guest inside the Nissan world, with the latest creations from the Japanese company, almost serving as a countdown prior to the match.

At the center of the Hospitality area there is a spectacular LedFloor of over 50 square meters with Nissan’s latest sports model on top of it, the brand new sports coupé produced by the Japanese company, completely videomapped using the technique of Car Mapping. Images, light and sound effects bring the supercar to life in a show that transmits its characteristics and design.

The result of the event was immersive engagement in which the Nissan brand was able to tell of its activities and approach the public thanks to innovative technologies and an emotional space providing the guests a personal experience.