Client: IVM
Location: Cruise Ship Interiors Expo - Barcelona

An immersive stand to communicate IVM’s innovation in the nautical sector

An immersive stand on the occasion of the cruise ship interiors expo barcelona is the way IVM chose to welcome its guests at the Barcelona trade fair to present the IVM group’s latest trends dedicated to the world of interior design for yachts and luxury craft.

With the goal of making the experience of product and service presentation at fairs more interactive and personalized, IVM chose to make use of the assistance of 3P Technologies for the design and installation of a truly immersive stand.

The solution designed by the 3P Technologies team involved an important component of visual design, in which the installation of wall displays communicate explanatory video content, taking the visitors into the cabin of a ship.

Control, supervision, and content management thanks to maya

The control and supervision of the entire system of video content is entrusted to MAYA, the 3P platform with a user-friendly interface thanks to which it is possible to plan video content on the single displays, schedule specific actions such as turning the system on and off, and perform supervision and diagnostics on all of the devices and solutions installed. The content was managed in a simple and intuitive manner, made available on tablets provided to IVM and managed through gestures. The stand personnel was thus able to personalize the presentation based on the visitors’ needs, to allow them to have a customized and functional experience.

immersive stand

The IVM stand represents an example of how the design of strongly immersive audio-video technologies can engage the visitor and create a brand experience even within the context of a fair.

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