Client: Maddalena S.p.A.
Location: Udine

Maddalena S.p.A. chooses the audio video solutions designed by 3P Technologies to maximize comfort and productivity from the standpoint of workplace wellbeing and the user experience in its new headquarters

Maddalena Spa, a leader in Europe in the smart metering sector with over 3 million meters produced every year and turnover approaching 60 million euros, has taken big steps forward in terms of size and technology, and completed the work for expanding its production facilities and warehouse, while also investing in a new prestigious and functional office area. At 100 years old Maddalena knows how to stand out due to its innovative choices not only in the industrial sector, but also in terms of technological solutions; this distinguishing element fully confirms Maddalena Spa’s role as an avant-garde company.

Workspaces designed to combine the company’s dynamism and the harmony of the region in which it operates

Synergy between industry and the local territory, internal/external balance, and high levels of comfort: these are the strong points of the project managed by the architect Alessandro Zuccolo in terms of decisions and interior design. In this project, 3P Technologies has succeeded in interpreting Maddalena’s requests, proposing high-quality technological solutions that are perfectly integrated in the surrounding environment, and designed to maximize comfort and productivity from the standpoint of workplace wellbeing and optimize the user experience of working teams, clients, and partners.

Upon entering the Hall, characterized by two architectural elements with a strong scenic presence made of steel and glass, we find a full HD display conceived to welcome visitors and guests to the offices. A Digital Signage system shows images that include the latest news regarding the company.

didigital signage

Moving through the various areas of the office, the visitors will find the Meeting Room, where solutions have been designed to facilitate forms of in-person and remote work, and the Executive Meeting Room,for use by the management. The second room has been equipped with a system able to accelerate the sharing of documentation and interaction between the parties in developing brainstorming processes, through the installation of a multimedia board, integrated with the other audio video technologies present in the room.

Inside the prestigious Conference Room, the 3P team has designed a solution integrated with the company’s wireless presentation systems connected to a large 4K ultra HD display, served by a high-quality sound system. Thanks to this solution, the content presented in the Conference Rooms can be used for both in-person meetings and for remote meetings as virtual meeting spaces, allowing the room to be used even for dedicating training events within the Maddalena Learning Center.

learning center

Maddalena Learning Center is a strategic and innovative laboratory that completes the already-rich training program offered by Maddalena, and that aims to manage the development of internal resources and spread the culture of smart metering in the management of water meters to clients and partners.

Training is one of the strategic assets in which the company has invested since the end of the 1990s”, says Clara Maddalena, Vice President in charge of human resources at the company.  “Training personnel and relying on the development of intellectual capital alongside human capital, is fundamental to grow and continue to stand out in an increasingly competitive market”.

The strongest point of the Maddalena Spa Project was the ability of the 3P team to design a technological solution able to adapt to the different needs for use of various environments, thus making it possible to experience a Learning Center that can be accessed both in person and remotely. Maddalena has in fact made a dedicated multimedia platform available to all of the users, that will serve as a knowledge hub. The aim of the initiative is to share values, know-how, behavior, and strategies for growth at all levels, and simultaneously to create advanced learning environments that can be shared outside of the company as well, involving clients and partners. 

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