Client: ITAS Assicurazioni
Location: Trento

Itas assicurazioni chooses collaboration and unified communication solutions for the renovation of its headquarters in trento

ITAS Assicurazioni has decided to renovate the celebrated “Casa ITAS ” building in Trent designed by Renzo Piano, with the goal of introducing technological solutions aimed at facilitating collaboration both within the offices, and between associates and customers.

In this context, 3P Technologies has accompanied the client from the initial design phase in choosing the various multimedia audio and video solutions, deploying them in the spaces of the building, from the Reception Area to the Board of Directors Room. 

Visual solutions perfectly integrated with the architectural design of the spaces

Entering the ITAS building, visitors encounter a welcome videowall that is perfectly adapted to the design of the Reception Hall, thanks to assembly on a customized frame studied specifically for the project. This way, through the Digital Signage system, video content is reproduced that accompanies visitors with ITAS Assicurazioni images starting at the entrance, increasing brand awareness.

Wireless solutions for collaboration and unified communication

Entering the Board Room, the wireless video conference system makes it possible to freely configure the microphones and position them at any point in the room. FULL HD 75’’ monitors have also been installed with completely customized switching and rotation systems, and motorized HD cameras that allow for producing internal recordings and connections with other environments, for example the videowall in the hall. The entire management of the room’s functions, including the lights, takes place through a command interface on a touch screen panel.

itas assicurazioni

All of the video conference solutions present in the meeting rooms were designed by the 3P team with the installation in each room of displays of various sizes, and wireless transmission with the various notebooks.

MAYA: a single management and control platform for all the meeting rooms

All of the meeting rooms have been designed to be simple and intuitive for all users, thanks to the MAYA management and control system, every function of which has been studied and personalized by 3P, starting with the user-friendly graphic interface of the touch screens present in every room.

Thanks to MAYA, each room can be reserved through the Outlook calendar, or directly through a touch panel present in the room. It is also possible to select a series of functions aimed at coordinating the work in the rooms and favoring the proper use of all the devices.

The ITAS House represents an example of how it is possible to rethink work spaces through collaboration and unified communication solutions, designed with an eye towards the user experience of those who use them every day.

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