Client: Melinda
Location: Predaia - Trento

Immersive theatre: a unique experience to live through an exciting voyage to discover the secrets of the only apple kept underground

With the Melinda Golden Theatre immersive theatre, the Melinda Consortium decided to create a permanent immersive theatre in Predaia, in the Trentino region.

immersive theatre

The client’s goal was to provide a unique immersive experience, in which the founding values of the company, such as sustainable synergy with the land, were combined with a didactic and playful dimension aimed at fostering greater awareness, addressing visitors of all ages.

3P Technologies was chosen as the technological partner by the Drawlight creative studio, to provide the client with support in the design and installation of a unique multimedia solution through which the use of lights, sounds, and images immerges the visitor in the story of how Melinda apples are cultivated.

An elevator experience to enter into contact with nature

The Melinda Golden Theatre is an Experience Elevator that takes visitors to the depths of the mountain, guiding them and recreating the experience that will be felt inside the hypogeal cells, once opened.

The technical challenge consisted of transforming what is apparently a simple “box” of 5 by 5 meters into a true elevator with a 360-degree view inside the mountain. The Audio-video and light systems were designed, conceived, and installed to avoid any perception of their presence by the visitor, allowing for the maximum possible sensorial experience.

immersive theatre

Totally automated, without the assistance of outside personnel, the system is controlled by MAYA, the supervision and control platform developed by 3P Technologies, that is able to schedule activities, functions, and remote diagnostics.

Unique in its field, the Melinda Golden Theatre immersive solution represents a unique and innovative tool to communicate the unbreakable bond of the Melinda world with nature, and a factor of success in terms of brand loyalty and customer journey, allowing visitors a positive brand experience.

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