Client: Messaggero di Sant’Antonio
Location: Sant'Antony Basilica - Padua

An immersive path: an engaging and exciting multimedia experience that tells the story of saint anthony of padua

The multimedia immersive path “Antonius”,sponsored by the Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Province of Padua, and the Saint Anthony Messenger, is located within the complex of the famous Saint Anthony Basilica.

The Antonius” project was born of the need to rethink in modern terms the previous “Exhibit on the Life of Saint Anthony” not only as regards compliance with current safety regulations, but above all in terms of technological updating, with the aim of bringing visitors and pilgrims closer to the life of the Saint, transforming Anthonian art and spirituality into a show.

  With this aim, the 3P Technologies team assisted the client and the creative agency in defining and designing the audio, video, and multimedia solutions most able to recreate a true immersive experience in the Saint’s life, heightening the experience of a pilgrimage to the Anthonian Basilica.

immersive path

A unique experience that accompanies the visitor through three entirely immersive environments

The path goes through three environments with three different technologies.

The first room tells the story of Anthony’s life, narrated by the Saint himself. This helps the visitor enter into a process of identification and empathy. The sensation of immersion is guaranteed by two monumental projections, with engaging visual content and a multi-channel sound system with a strong impact, creating a differentiation between the narration and the surround sound effects.

In this first environment, the Saint’s narration is alternated with stories from some special witnesses who appear on a series of displays showing their portraits, telling the story of the key moments of passage in the Saint’s life.

immersive path

Upon completing the story in the first room, the visitor enters the second space, an immersive corridor characterized by an Interactive Floor that creates an audio and video interaction between the visitor and the environment.
In the last room, the visitor is welcomed by a totally immersive 360-degree projection, in which the Saint’s voice describes the works of charity and evangelization carried out by Franciscan friars around the world.

MAYA: the user friendly control platform

The entire exhibit is automated and managed through MAYA, the control platform developed by 3P Technologies, that allows for the centralized and synchronized management of all of the devices, in addition to guaranteeing diagnostic services in real time. The control software is accessed through an intuitive graphic interface, thanks to which the exhibit operator, through a touchscreen with a user-friendly interface, monitors all of the functional and diagnostic parameters of the whole system. Images, sounds, and lights come to life in the two large rooms where the automated opening of doors and curtains, perfectly synchronized with the video, audio, and light scenario, indicate the path the visitor is to follow.

An extraordinary, engaging emotional visit, “Antonius is a distinctive example of how technology can revolutionize not only the use and experience of museums, but also the work of religious communication. In experiencing the immersive path, made up of technology, entertainment, and narration, “Antonius” allows each visitor to discover a new and enveloping spiritual experience.

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