Client: Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze
Location: Natural History Museum - Florence

A digital artistic installation that tells the story of how a whale fossil was found

The artistic installation “Whale Stories” is the new immersive multimedia space within the section of Geology and Paleontology through which the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence has decided to tell visitors the story of the ecosystem existing in Tuscany three million years ago.

In this context, 3P Technologies was hired to design a system of multimedia projection and audio reproduction within an immersive space, conceived to give visitors the sensation of feeling like they are immersed in the deep waters of the ocean. The project was created working in close contact with the architect Lorenzo Greppi, following the requests of the Museum of Natural History.

Artistic installation

An immersive environment where the depth of the images lives through synchronized multiprojections

Inside the exhibition room, the setting and the abysses were recreated around a fossil, through an immersive installation, with a synchronized multiprojection for the side walls, and a ceiling projection on a canopy, to emphasize the depth of the images.

A fundamental element of the installation is the acoustic aspect: an engaging multichannel sound track, composed by Lorenzo Greppi himself, accompanies the visitor in the experience, giving the exact impression of being immersed and swimming with the majestic whales.

Completing the artistic installation is a series of showboxes produced with diver’s masks, where the visitor can enter a virtual underwater tour.

Artistic installation

Maya: the user-friendly control platform

The control and supervision of the entire system is entrusted to MAYA, the 3P platform with a user-friendly interface thanks to which it is possible to plan shows, schedule precise actions such as turning the system on or off, and conduct supervision and diagnostics of all of the equipment and solutions installed.

Whale Stories represents a unique and innovative exhibit, in which environments and atmospheres of the past come to life thanks to the use of immersive solutions designed such that the images and sounds can transport the visitors to a dimension of emotions and knowledge, where they will live through a deep and enveloping experience.

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