Client: Gruppo ICAT
Location: Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano - Padua

Multimedia exhibit: in Padua among sarcophaguses, hieroglyphics, and immersive experiences, “Belzoni’s Egypt” comes back to life

The multimedia exhibit “Belzoni’s Egypt” at the Altinate San Gaetano Cultural Center in the heart of Padua was conceived and managed by the ICAT Group Communications Agency for the Councilor’s Office for Culture of the City of Padua, with the goal of pursuing the promotion of innovative, engaging, and personalized artistic experiences in the museum sector.

Starting with the concept of storytelling, 3P Technologies studied and defined the technological design, proposing the technological solutions most suitable for the various exhibits.

A mix of immersive solutions to accompany the visitor during the entire multimedia exhibit

Egypt takes shape through a series of simple but effective multimedia installations, based on immersive installations with 180-degree projections, alternating between rooms where videos, lights, and sounds are harmonized and synchronized.

Considering the spaces used, particular attention was paid to developing aesthetic solutions with low impact, often invisible, and with low noise, thus guaranteeing a rewarding and all-absorbing experience for the visitor.

Multimedial Exhibit

The immersive technologies designed and installed by 3P Technologies, combined with the storytelling and the digital audiovisual content conceived and produced by DrawLight, made the difference in generating engagement, wonder, and memorability, in an immersive set-up that involves the visitor in the realistic experience of a trip to discover Egypt.

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