Client: CasaLares
Location: Cortina d'Ampezzo

The sustainable and smart home between technological integration and optimization of consumption

The smart and sustainable home is the new challenge for the living sector. CasaLares is the first building certified as CasaClima GOLD and NATURE in Cortina d’Ampezzo, and one of the winners of the CasaClima Awards 2019 for its high level of quality and energy efficiency.


The virtuous union between smart technologies and new construction principles places the CasaLares project in the conceptual category of smart building; a way of designing living spaces that follows the principles of environmental sustainability and focuses on service, people, and comfort as true added values.

Working in synergy with the architectural studio from the beginning of the design phase, 3P Technologies conceived of and created the entire system underlying this Smart Home, a technological, but also responsible, living space. The project aims to increase the performance and possibilities offered by the various systems used, optimizing consumption and allowing for the integration of the different control functions, guaranteeing comfort, safety, savings, and communication.


Every system in CasaLares is smart and works with the others in an integrated manner

Thanks to MAYA, the management platform developed by 3P, it is possible to control all of the systems through a user-friendly interface: lighting, movement of curtains and wooden shutters, heat adjustment, ventilation and air filtering, alarm, photovoltaic panels, the multimedia system, and video intercom. A green, smart home where everything is connected in a network. The technological devices conduct a dialogue with each other through standard protocols, integrating all of the systems with a single software that monitors the performance of electricity and energy consumption for each home or common area, and allows for continuously verifying the performance of systems, including remotely.

CasaLares is a project in which the skills and experience of 3P Technologies in design, integration of systems, and building management systems have made it possible to obtain the highest standards of Certification and to create a place where the experience of living merges with nature and sustainability.

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