Client: JW Marriott
Location: Isola delle Rose - Venice

JW Marriott, the luxury resort in the Venice Laguna, chooses 3P Technologies for the sound system in its environments

JW Marriott is producing the Island of Roses project, concentrating on maintaining all of the buildings on the island and on integrating contemporary elements into the existing historical structures. The master plan, resulting from the work of the archistars Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo, reorganizes the island into three main parts, marked by the green areas present.

The area of the former hospital, dating back to 1936, will become a luxury hotel, with 230 suites and a broad rooftop terrace, equipped with an outdoor pool and panoramic restaurant. Next door will be a conference center and Liberty-style brick residence, with a garden providing a 360-degree view of Venice.

From sound to centralized systems control

The multimedia interventions are concentrated on the sound systems of the various buildings and the centralized control of technological systems.

jw marriott

In the context of the important renovation operations, 3P Technologies has assisted the JW Marriot design team in creating the Audio and Video solutions for Hospitality, with interventions aimed at ensuring the wellbeing and comfort of guests. Specifically, solutions were designed for minimal sound transmission, aesthetically in line with the facility’s design, but that at the same time guarantee uniform and high-quality sound diffusion, able to accompany the guest in every area of the facility.

The Wellness area deserves a separate mention, where in addition to the aspect of sound, it was decided to give special attention to the total integration between light, sound, and the environment, where the guest is at the center of a truly relaxing experience for the environment and the body.

Maya: a single platform to manage all of the activities

From a technical standpoint, the entire system is based on a pervasive infrastructure network, where each area benefits from its own independence as concerns content and its management. The whole system is controlled and supervised by MAYA, the management platform developed by 3P Technologies, through which it is possible to schedule functions, manage planned activities, report anomalies, and allow the maintenance team to access the system at any time, including remotely, for any type of preventive or maintenance activity. This apparently simple solution is of fundamental importance to guarantee efficient and effective service, in a structure located on an island, that can only be reached with private modes of transport, that are not immediate.

Completing the hospitality area, there is an adjacent structure dedicated to hosting meetings and conventions.

jw marriott

The experience of 3P Technologies, as the technological partner in the event sector, made it possible to define the technological design concentrated on the setup of the rooms. After having carefully assessed the spaces and environments, developing an idea of how they could be used by single clients, the choice made was for a very “basic” fixed infrastructure, based on a high-quality audio system and video solutions able to satisfy day-by-day needs.

It was decided to give great importance to flexibility, designing a widespread cable infrastructure, able to support every type of event by facilitating the use of the different technologies that the various setups require.

From the reception to the Lounge Room, passing through the breakfast room in the restaurant and then the Cigar Lounge, close to the outdoor gardens of the pool area, each environment was studied down to the smallest detail to guarantee guests the comfort and multisensory experience that one expects at a luxury hotel.

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