During the restoration and conservative rehabilitation work of a prestigious real estate property for office use overlooking Piazza Duomo, in compliance with the rules of cultural heritage it proved impossible to modify the external configuration of the façades by opening new windows and thus precluding the possibility of having glimpses of the outside.

The need of the property was therefore to allow you to enjoy the beauties of Piazza Duomo without having to operate structural interventions, with the aim of improving the comfort and well-being of its customers.

The architectural context and the high-profile furnishings required solutions with clean lines that integrated with the surrounding environment, reproducing the presence of real windows on the outside in the most convincing and likely way.

Ledwall Offices Corporate Architecture

The project therefore saw the installation of three 3.5mx2m ledwall walls placed outdoors in the existing glazed wolf mouths.

The positioning of the ledwalls and their resolution have been carefully studied to reproduce in the most natural way possible the images visible to the users of the offices moving around the rooms or working in the vicinity of the installations.

The ledwalls reproduce in real time and in full HD, as visible to the human eye from an imaginary window, the images taken by cameras, without recording or storing data, which reflect the architectural elements of the external places behind the walls, excluding places of transit or stop of people.

The result obtained is that of having equipped the closed internal space with three “digital” views that allow to enjoy the evocative panorama offered by the splendid setting of Piazza Duomo, giving way to those who stay on the floor to have contact with the outside world, both visually and emotionally.