Client: Milan Prefecture
Location: Milano

A state of the art Control Room to monitor Milan’s events

Milan Prefecture has chosen to renovate its Crisis Room in Corso Monforte, providing it with technological solutions that assist operators in managing and monitoring city safety during the many events that take place in Milan.

Bearing this in mind, 3P Technologies worked alongside the client right from the project’s onset, in order to modernise the Control Room’s premises, by planning and installing audio-visual and control solutions amongst the highest performing in respect to the safety protocol.

Between safety and functionality

Just inside the Crisis Room there is a video wall showing the images arriving in real time from the thousands of videocameras installed throughout Milan, thus allowing the monitoring of the entire area’s safety, whilst providing operators to share documents and information with other Prefecture premises.

The new digital matrix, which can support up to 16in and 16out, has a 4k infrastructure that ensures a long life to the system over time, and additionally it is predisposed for new signals to be implemented. The digital matrix was designed within the project to be the centre of all connections. It is integrated with the existing controls and thanks to this guarantees the management of IN/OUT signals according to the HDBT standard, ensuring zero frame delay.

The solutions adopted for the individual monitoring posts present inside the room were designed while bearing in mind their ease of use. This is why all matrix input and output can be chosen using a touch panel that has a dedicated and personalised graphic interface, which makes all contents visible on the video wall or on the monitors installed in the other rooms. Consequently, all operators can interact with the video wall of the Crisis Room using elegant disappearing automatic displays, thanks to the touch screen’s user-friendly interface.

The Prefecture Crisis Room in Corso Monforte falls within the broader and more complex safety project for the city of Milan. Indeed, the competence and integration of the 3P team has been the key to the project’s success. It has led to an environment characterized by technological solutions that are appropriate for the safety protocol standards as well as being functional for the operators using them.  

A Control Room designed to ensure citizen safety and to facilitate operators in the management and monitoring of the urban territory during the many event that every year take place in Milan.